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I grew up in Southern California and went to a local high school and colleges. I was bullied in my pre-teen and teenage years.  After graduation, I was in a unhealthy relationship with a highschool crush and shortly after our informal engagement he tried to kill me.  After surviving being strangled and stalked and verbally and emotionally abused by this man he went to jail and I went on to reclaim my life.  I have survived car accidents, death threats, abuse, and then cancer hit me in 2011.  For several years now I have been sharing my tips and inspiration on surviving not only cancer and chronic disease but life; I love it! I was put on this earth to share my story with others so they know they aren't alone.  I endure for others as a life coach, through coping with cancer coaching, to writing self-help books and cookbooks.  

Survival isn't a dirty word, and we have all survived something.


Healthy living means understanding the study of foods and how they affect the body and its moods, how to shop and cook, and how to make dietary and lifestyle changes. Whether you have diabetes, allergies, cancer or just want a healthier lifestyle a health coach can be life changing in your life.  According to healthcoaches.com, the government tends to focus more on funding surgical and drug-based intervention. Health Coach's focus is to concentrate on “evaluating personal health influences and delivering authentic solutions in a consumer friendly-fashion.” The goal is to create a lifestyle that consists of healthy choices in all aspects of life—providing a healthy balance resulting in success. According to infinitehealthcoach.com, coaches “keep you in a state of wellness, or get you there if you need to be.”

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